Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jin Gua Hira'

Dahulu gambar jin ini dikatakan pernah diamik secara tidak sengaja oleh jemaah haji semasa melawat Gua Hira'. Sebenarnya itu semua adalah tipu kerana jin itu hanyalah patung dan patung jin itu sebenarnya bukan berada di Gua Hira' tetapi patung jin itu yang sebenarnya berada di England.

Dear brother, I am a Muslim-Turkish journalist from Istanbul. I am mailing you the true story of famous "faked" jinn picture on the net. I catched this famous cave monster from his leg in a show cave near Bristol-England! It is NOT the satan, or jinn, or another bizzare thing. It is only a silly sculpture made by hard-plastic for only touristic attraction and fun. The Muslim world believes this silly joke for years. I was researching the backside of this internet myth for one year and I arrived the truth last December.

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  1. thank you....i was be a part of the people who believe that silly picture..haha....